Monday, October 15, 2012

Grateful To Be Back With The Bills!

First of all, words cannot express the joy I feel to be back with the Buffalo Bills.  I feel extremely blessed to be back with this organization and my teammates.  Fans in buffalo are very supportive – they have an unconditional love for the team.  They expect a lot but they support us no matter what.

Being out of football for these weeks has been tough.. It has seemed like forever… I look forward not only to doing something special for the organization, but I also want to do something special for this city. I especially want to thank the Bills organization and my teammates for the way they brought me back in with open arms.  Today was truly a special day that I will never forget because of these special friends.

During my time off, I spent some time in South Florida and also in San Diego.  I trained every day hoping for the chance to contribute to the game I love.  I didn’t expect to be so lucky to have the chance to come back to the Bills but I am very thankful.  In addition to training, I spent time with my son and focused on giving to those less fortunate than myself.  In San Diego, I spent time with various charitable organizations, one of which was the Alpha Project that I started working with when I was a rookie.  They do great work fighting homelessness.  I have assisted them with raising money and helping in other ways over the years.  It was great to re-connect with them. 

I have been preparing for my annual coat drive at the University of Maryland.  I also coached some high school kids to help them get a head start in football.  I always enjoy working with up-and-coming young players to help them get to the next level.

In addition to the time I spent training and doing charity work, I have had a chance to reflect on how much I love the game of football… I knew that when I got my next shot, I would not take any minute for granted.

Thank you Bills!

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